What's New

    • Apex Predator

      November 27, 2018
      In case you were having trouble with the name change here is a quick reference guide for the Bench Creek to Apex Predator metamorphosis.

    • Phillips Sweet Tart

      November 26, 2018


      Sweet Tart Passionfruit Gose is made with a blend of wheat & our house-malted barley, lactobacillus, sea salt and passionfruit. A perfect harmony of tartness and sweetness, mingled with a touch of salinity to really bring the flavors of life.

    • Theatre & Mythomania

      November 25, 2018
      A very rare treat from Dandy Brewing as just arrived don't miss out!

      An audacious interpretation of strong Belgian Ale. Theatre and Mythomania explores the complex palate of unobstructed Belgian yeast. Hibiscus flower brings a pleasing pink hue while imparting notes of Cranberry. A beer as unique as it is Dandy.