What's New

    • New Brews from Bent Stick

      November 24, 2018

      The folks at Bent Stick Brewing have just released some tasty winter time beers for us 

      Belgian Inspired Amber

      Belgian comfort food...erm, beer. A malt forward Belgian-ish ale, perfect for Autumn weather.

      Full-bodied and amber in colour, this device finishes off-sweet with lingering fruity yeast & malt flavours.

      Your tastebuds will be left wrapped in a blanket of beery goodness!

      Foreign Export Stout

      ​Pitch black and thicker than blood, Black Magic stout will keep a devilish warmth in your bones this winter season.

      Massive amounts of specialty malts, including Red Shed Malting Amber and Biscuit, imbue Black Magic with rich chocolate, nutty, and dark roast flavour and aromas!

    • The Scot has returned

      October 11, 2018
      We put the kettle on for a long boil and this Scottish Wee Heavy is what we got. Rich caramel is complemented by sea salt for a complex, intense flavour. Another? Aye.
      Building upon a Scottish "Wee Heavy", this unique beer was developed to provide a strong caramel malt flavour with enough salt to give it a bit of a bite. Stronger in alcohol, this beer starts off sweet but remains fairly light to drink.

    • P49 Whats under that Bridge?

      October 11, 2018
      Troll Juice KVEIK IPA
      We've had a small troll infestation for years. These diminutive pests cause nothing but grief, so we put them to use. From their home in Scandinavia, they brought us Kveik yeast, which gives this beer a quality unlike anything else. Enjoy this hazy, fruity, spicy IPA and remember to feed the trolls!
      Troll Juice is an unfiltered, IPA brewed with an ancient Norweigan yeast strain called Kveik (pronounced "Kwike"). This strain produces bold citrus peel esters, which are accentuated by the massive amounts of Galaxy hops used to dry hop this beer. Exploding with flavours of pineapple, lychee, guava and grapefruit, Troll Juice is an incredibly crushable beer.