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Little Guy Liquor Store in Sherwood Park

Little Guy Liquor Co., is a locally owned and operated Beer, Wine and Spirits store that focuses on unique and hard to find items. Partners Kelly and Mike (both at the store and at their acreage) left behind their old lives 6 years ago and took a plunge into the liquor world. In the time since they have grown the small little store into an amazing destination for everyone looking for some great products and advice.

Recognized as a beer destination on the BeerAdvocate website, Little Guy Liquor has a constantly expanding beer selection, with a heavy emphasis on craft brewing from all parts of the globe. Every week new beers are added , with a keen eye on fresh product, stocking beers past their time just to have them on the shelf is not an option. The wine selection is varied with an emphasis on a wide range of varietals. Spirits constantly evolving with a large selection of flavored vodkas, single malt scotch , whiskey and a expansive rum selection.

Kelly, Mike and all the staff of Little Guy Liquor take the time to get to know their customers, ensuring a more fulfilling experience as we can help you explore the varied world of ales spirits and wines. Customer interaction is also encouraged through email, twitter or facebook as we are always looking for feed back and suggestions.



The wait is over, our new stainless steel growler bar has arrived!

bar 2

This beauty is crowned with 8 Perlick SS 650 Flow Control Faucets. Trust us, that is very cool . Come in and get your fill!



Alberta Brewpubs


Looking for a single source to help you find all of Alberta’s breweries and brewpubs?  You’ve come to the right place!  Our intrepid and highly sophisticated team of researchers (well, OK, Mike and Kelly) have put together this fabulous Google map that will lead you to pods and pods of Whalez (that’s beer geek lingo for hard-to-find beers).  We’re totally on top of the beer scene in Alberta so check in with us for regular updates to the map.  Oh, and don’t forget to tell your friends!






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Little Guy Liquor Store Owner Mike Bramwell talks to CTV News about the Alberta Government’s recent tax hike on alcoholic beverages. See the video here: